Top 9 Best Handworks For Ladies in Nigeria To Learn

Best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn is what am going to share with you today am not just going to share the best handwork for ladies rather i will also share with you the most lucrative hand work in Nigeria that you can learn as a female, in fact the most messages that I do receive most from ladies are; what are the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn? , is their any handwork female can learn? , is their any high income skills in Nigeria a lady can learn? And much more questions, this questions have triggered me to answer the questions here in Nglearners most people do think that all handworks are for men that ladies work end in kitchen, that their own work is cooking, believe me if you go to other developed countries like USA females with handworks are the most richest and they are highly respected , you also can check the situation here in Nigeria were ladies with handwork are making cool cash on daily bases. Let me stop the story and show you what you are searching for which is the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn , Please I urge you to calm down as you read and if you have any question ask using the comment box below.

What are best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn?

  1. Cooking/Food Vendor
  2. Makeup Artistry
  3. Interior Decoration
  4. Hair Dressing/Barbing
  5. Baking
  6. Content Development
  7. Amazon Kindle Writing
  8. Beads making
  9. Fashion Designing/Tailoring

Those are the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn , that I just mentioned it will not be OK if I do not explain it for you to really understand it, let me now explain it below infact in the last point of this article I will show you how I make over #30,000 in A week just online not offline but calm down and read this because am going to reveal many important points in this post, look for chilled water and drink then you follow me.

Cooking/Food Vendor

Best Handwork for ladies in Nigeria

Are you surprise to see food vendor and cooking? Do not be surprise because you may not see it as a hand work that you can do as a lady, who is a food vendor? A food vendor is a person that cook food either public/private for sale, if you go to many secondary schools today you will see a lot of people selling foods to students and those ladies are making cool cash from it , to stand out in the ocean of the business is very simple if you can keep the environment of the place were you sell the food clean and cook a nice food that buyers will enjoy and will like to come back to eat again, not only that you can be call uppon by any body or organization to come and cook for them will they pay you, I could remember a woman who used this to sponsor her sons till they graduate from University. Can you really learn how to cook food as a lady? Yes! But if you no that you can cook food that will be of good tast better or You can learn it just for you to be different and be able to compete with those that are already established, where can you learn this ? You can learn this in any food vendor near you.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry as the best handwork for ladies

Infact this is one of the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn, I can even say that almost all the ladies like to do make up, just to look very beautiful, and when they are going for an occasion, Beach, Photo studio to take pictures make up artist is been call to do make up for the people snapping pictures it will be a good idea as a lady for you to learn this type of hand work in Nigeria, Where can you Learn how to do makeup? You can go to any makeup artist near you to learn this great and one of the most lucrative handwork in Nigeria.

Interior Decoration

Home decoration

Who do not like cool home? No body if you are smart enough helping people to decorate their new home could fetch a decent income for you in fact some rich men after building their house and buying furnitures such as chairs, table, bed etc to arrange it In a way that will look nice use to be problem for them but as an interior decorator you can help then decorate their home in a normal way that even when visitors see it they will like it and will as who decorated this and you will be refer to.

Hair Dressing/Barbing

Hand work female can learn

This is another best handwork for ladies In Nigeria to learn this is a great skill in fact that can make you to be very rich, after learning this and open your own shop you will be making cool cash daily it doesn’t take much years to learn rather within 6 month to 1 year you are already an expert, you already no that almost all women do like to plate or make their hair almost every week , and for men many of them shave or barb their hair almost two times in a week, venturing into barbing will really make you a big madam why because ladies are not common in the business and if you come out a as a big lady people will like to come to test your hand if you are a professional in the area of barbing young lady you have make it, I urge you to try and learn barbing and open a saloon in fact call me or send me message once you open it I will come.


High income skills in Nigeria

This is another best hand work for ladies in Nigeria this is also one of the most lucrative hand work in Nigeria that you can do as a lady, the most common bakes food is bread but some other types of food can also be baked like , Cake , egg roll , meat pie etc learning how to back this items can really make you to be self employed without waiting for your husband to bring money be for you to cook food for the family, According to Wikipedia Baking is a method of preparing food that uses dry heat, normally in an oven, A person who prepares baked goods as a profession is called a baker, you also can be a baker baking bread , cake for those celebrating birthday, wedding and other ceremonies.

Content Development

Content development

I can call this talent because you do it with your mind and brain all you can learn here is the strategy to make it go far, and be different from others, a content developer do research, organize and publish useful information that will help the user or the reader, most content developer mostly base on solving problems if you are good at this and you are a lady count your self lucky because you can be a freelancer and be writing original content for bloggers, and different companies all you can learn to make you more standard is things like (SEO ; search engine Optimization, Keyword research to no what actually people are searching for relating to what you want to write etc).


Amazon Kindle Writing

Amazon kindle writer
A writer

This is another best hand work for ladies in Nigeria to do this is only for those that have writing talent, that can write book but didn’t have money to publish it talk more of promoting it, You can simply rush to amazon kindle now and publish your book free of charge , and your book will be in front of Millions of Amazon’s custormers/ visitors, and with this you can be making $300 in a month and high as times goes on,

Steps to make cool cash from Amazon

  1. Sign up on Amazon kindle
  2. Add your necessary details
  3. Add the necessary extensions that will help you to carry out the job
  4. If your book is written push it , of not write your book and pubshlsh, That is all

Beads making

Types of handwork to learn

Are you looking for high income skills in Nigeria? If yes! Consider thinking about bead making if you can make a nice designed bead for people or keep in some were for sale you will really make a good income because may people like to wer bead, in fact if you go to kings palace bead is what they need infact some churches also use bead if you can be making a nice once your can be your on boss within a short period.

Fashion Designing/Tailoring

Best hand work for a lady

I just to deside to make this the last point because many ladies like this great hand work , before I go on I have a question, Who is a fashion deserner? and who is a Tailor? A fashion designer is some one that draft out new style/design, example of clothes designing company,; Nick, Addidas, Gucci etc. Who is the a tailor a tailor a tailor is a person who maintain, repairs and sew cloth as a profession. People do take both as the same they are not but similar, learning this will generate many income to you because people are sew cloths every day , when they want to attend friends party most people do like to go on Uniform they may just meet you to sew for they , how can you they stand out in this business as the best? To stand out all you need to do is be consistent,work smart, help people to sew they cloth on time and never fail any customer that you promised just build trust you will see how people will be rushing you.


I believe you will consider to try one of those best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn and as you no that interest plays a role when choosing the best handwork for your self as a female, did you no that you just want to be a boss, you just want to be independent and be free why because you are the boss of your self after learning any of those handwork,

Job can fail easily, a business may collapse also easily but skill/handwork hardly die.

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