JAMB Expo 2020/2021; How to Get Correct JAMB Expo Before The Exam (The Complete Truth)

Is jamb expo real
Is jamb expo real?

Are you looking for legit JAMB Expo 2020 that is correct ? Or you are still asking question like is JAMB Expo real or Not? worry know more because am about to show you the correct JAMB expo 2020 that work more than paracetamol infact it is 100% legit and have been verified by many people if you really need to pass jamb using expo count your self lucky,

Because, This is the type of expo that you will use and know body will question you during the examination rather people will be asking you which God are you serving? I will show you if really that you want to pass JAMB this year 2020

Did you think that am joking? I am not ,

below is the result of one of my visitors here in Nglearners that wrote jamb in 2019 that I showed jamb expo and he used it and score above 200

Jamb expo
Result of A visitor that Used this Jamb Expo in 2019

Your own may even be higher than that if you use it well, below is the message from the young man ,

This message really make me to feel haaa! That means this really work than I think, wow!

Note; This JAMB expo work for 99.5% of people that used it, but you have to be wise and be very smart.

How much is the JAMB 2020 Expo ?

Do we really collect any money from candidates for JAMB Expo? No! We do not collect any money from candidates, our Expo is totally Free .

Why didn’t we collect money?  it is because your success is our business. We will be happy to see your testimony that is just our aim.

What is the different between our Expo and other Expo that people know?

The different is simple, our own Expo is free we do not collect money, we do our own openly we do not hide it, we call our own Expo here A.K.A “JAMB Secret” we only show you the JAMB secret that leaked.

What are the list of available subject that candidate can pass using this expo ?

English Language
Agriculture science 

In fact using our expo you can pass all subject in JAMB but , you have to use it wisely and be smart.

Is jamb expo real

No! , Yes! Why do I answer like this?

Their are two types of expo

  • waiting to receive jamb question before examination
  • The one you were showed formulars on how to study and pass jamb

Now! The First one which is waiting to receive jamb question before examination that one is confirm scam , illegal and can make you write jamb more than once, in fact a guy wrote JAMB four times because of waiting to recieve jamb question before the exam, but Before the forth one he came accross my JAMB expo which is the second one, which he note all the strategist and formulars to Answer Jamb Question in fact at the end he scored 305 , please, never allow any one to tell you that such Expo is real,

it is not real, they will only collect your money and send you wrong i mean fake answer .

But the second one which is Expo number two, which is the one you were showed formulars on how to study and pass jamb ,

that is the real Jamb expo that am talking about here , or what are you expecting before? Lol! If you are expecting something like 1. AABBCACBBA, you are ready to fail JAMB, That first one I call it How to pass jamb without reading, or How to pass jamb without studying,  which is impossible, if you are ready to pass jamb you must study so if you are ready for the formular on how to study and pass jamb, which is JAMB expo number 2 follow me let go…

Real Expo for passing jamb 2020

1.) Sanction the thought of passing jamb without studying

Please, I plead sanction this thought of passing jamb without studying it is impossible to pass jamb without studying, because

It is what you have in your head that takes you ahead.

That you have a big head doesn’t matter, did you know that even those that you think that they are brilliant do fail jamb aslo,

why because they do not study they think that I no it before,

that you no it doest mean that you understand it try to understand the topic very well.

so that if any question comes out, you will be able to face it with confidence, and some candidates do keep on waiting for the first jamb expo that I mention about and forget about reading.

2.) Lazy students who is too weak to study

Who is this weak students , mummy’s son’s and daughter’s , they see studying as a big deal, such people are those that their parent do take to miracle center or fine a way to buy JAMB result for them, such people do Run out of university because of esses Carry over and stress,

such students once they arrive at the university is just to be looking for a way to sort a course,

stop being lazy JAMB is not for lazy students wake up now and fire up with studying.

3.) Student that has no money/cash to buy study materials

a situation were by a student has no money to buy study materials such as books , might cause some one to fail JAMB when you do not have what it takes to prepare for jamb ,

what did you do, just look for a student like you that has and borrow from the person and read, join some study WhatsApp/facebook groups will also help you.

4.) Admit your weakness for studying and get ready to sort it out

It is only when you discovered your problem that you can start looking for the solution, Ask your self which subject hard you pass? Is it Chemistry, physics, mathematics, English or which subject? Discover that subject and find the best strategy to use.

5.) Be Informed

I mean stay up to date with latest JAMB news, do not say what concern you with JAMB news since you have registered for Jamb , you still need to no what is going on about the exam, not knowing the next step to take might make you to fail jamb this year, This happen to A friend of my Last year,

After jamb registration he traveled to go and look for some money before he could came back Jamb reprinting has been done and the exam date is the next day he came back , he has no option than to forget about the Jamb till next year. I suggest that you should try and be visiting Currentschoolews for latest updates


I believe that you have agreed with me that we have two types of jamb expo

  • waiting to receive jamb question before examination
  • The one you were showed formulars on how to study and pass jamb

And that the second one is the only way the truth and the life, any one that followes it,  will never write jamb twice. And please bend down and study hard.

Did you have any question? if yes! ask.

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