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Sociology careers

We study society

Sociology careers is what we are going to talk about today not only that I will also answer many other important questions such as ; Who is a sociologist? What is the role of a sociologist in Nigeria? , Subject required for sociology in JAMB and WAEC subject combination for sociology etc.

What is Sociology?

The term  is derived form the Latin word “Societus” meaning “Society” and from the Greek word logo which means “study or science” , that is sociology is science of society. I can also said that sociology is a science of human relationships.

Who is a sociologist?

a sociologist is a person who graduated from the department of Sociology in the University.

That means the discipline is  only taught in the university, the techniques or strategies acquired by a sociologist is what we call Social Telesis .

Before I move forward I will like to show you JAMB and WAEC subjects combination for Sociology in Nigeria,

JAMB subject combination for Sociology

  • Government or History
  • English
  • Litrature
  • CRK

WAEC subject combination for Sociology

Waec subject combination for sociology

am still on the sociology careers in case you have any question base on subject combination for JAMB/WAEC kindly ask ,

Is Sociology a professional course ?

Yes, Sociology is a professional course, after our 100 level in the department of Sociology in Ebonyi state University (EBSU) we started talking about Sociology Careers with many of my course mates like in person of Blessed Sunny , Legendgp and others

And after our discussion we all agree that it is really a professional course, Blessed Sunny really gave us many points that make us to really believed that Sociology is a professional course, we also talked about Reasons to choose a course of study Those things is what you must note before you choose any course in University.

Legendgp said ; sociology unlike other social science courses does not have limitation.

Sociology as a course has no limit, no barrier and no ending point. The discipline focuses on every area of life such as man, his environment, human development, culture, science , politics ,family, sports, religion just to mention a few.

One with sociological knowledge has the potentiality and ability to make changes in the society and beyond.

No wonder why the sociologists are regarded as ‘social engineers’. This is because, they, the sociologists stand as a qualified and capable engineer in repairing the shifted man or the environment at large.

Another tangible reason why you MUST take up sociology as a course in the university is because SOCIOLOGISTS ARE HAPPY PEOPLE.

One man said in a conference held at switzerland by clinical and appliant sociologist that “the best couples are sociologists” i was so amused when i heard this on television few years back

and this really motivated me to take up sociology as a course in the unversity. I have never for once regretted i took up this amazing course. Sociology is a peace maker. It reduces fight in the home.

Wow! Legendgp really make a nice points in his statement but before I show you the sociology careers I will like to tell you some important skills you will have as a sociologist.

Important skills you will have as a sociologist

  1. You will be able to make a reasonable arguments
  2. You will be able to live/work in collaboration with people peaceful
  3. A sociologist can develops good opinions and new ideas on a societal issues
  4. A sociologist can motivation/inspire people “The best person to live with is a sociologist” etc.

Sociology careers that you need to know

This is one of the major reasons for writing this great article, people do think that sociology careers is worthless and of no value, that in fact that sociologiest have no career at all,

some people see sociologist as people with no job , people with no fear of God, people see sociologist as people that do not like good things but is all those things really true? The answer is capital NO in fact a county or state without a sociologist that county will never move forward,

a place where there is a sociologist that place is a Nice place to live, one of the best quality of a sociologist is that they do not talk nonsense even people see what they said as Nonsense but in the real sense they are actually right, One word from a sociologist can change your life.

This are some of the sociology careers below;

  • Guidance and counselor ; A sociologist is a good counselor that you may ever see, if a sociologist mentor you or guide you in fact you will feel happy at the end , people trained by sociologist are always the best in any field they are. Sociologist use knowledge of the sociology of learning to help students navigate the academic world.


  • Lawyer; Sociologist also work as a lawyer by using critical thinking and analystical skills to make research and Litigate their cases, such in some legal areas like; Criminal law, divorce,child cu study etc
  • Media planner; this is among one of the best sociology careers ever why? Because they are the ones that search for what the customers need, and try to place advert to reach the target audience, that means with the help of a sociologist you can easily increase sales.


  • Policy Analyst ; They focus on researching issues that affect the public and try to to recommend those issue to legislatures to address those problems.
  • Criminologist
  • Medical Sociology (solve health problems) etc



I hope and I believe that you understood all my points about sociology careers, and I believe also that you will no longer as question such as ;

what do sociologist do , where can a sociologist work , can a sociologist work in a bank all those questions are what I have answered in this article and in case you have any question or any point that you will like to add please kindly drop it in the comment box.

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