money making program (is it real or fake) . I first thought for a moment. Is this real or this is just another waste of time.

Below is a proof of what I am saying. Just look at the picture below. You can download it too.

A friend referred me from WhatsApp to join Jobirra

So, I registered and immediately shared the link to some friends just as the person who referred me said “we all need money”

Below is my registration proof.

Registered on money making program

My friends were excited about it because I mentioned Make money online free, and of a truth, there is a syndrome of quickcash in Nigeria, I need money badly in Nigeria, fast cash today, refer and earn money online and any thing that has a tag of free money attached to it.

Let’s focus on about Jobirra money making program just to know if it is a real platform or another time wasting and data consuming site.

About Jobirra money making program.

Jobirra was launched on Monday, 2nd of March, 2020. You can also see that this site is not yet up to a month. The so called Jobirra is claimed to be a free online forum where users post questions and get answers, help, or advice each other all over Nigeria.

The website claim to have a total number of 129,922 members, 81,574 questions that registered users have asked, and 262,414 answers which surely must have come as a response from questions asked.

Other things you will see on Jobirra money making program website include things like,

  1. Ask a New Question
  2. Questions You’ve Asked
  3. Provide Your Banking Details
  4. Earnings
  5. Members You’ve Referred
  6. How to Refer Friends to Jobirra
  7. View the Newest Questions on Jobirra.

Be patient and read through as we discuss everything that is one the website of discuss so that we can draft out the legitility of it.

Ask a new question.

New users of the website will be so eager to either ask a new question on or to refer friends so as to make free money quickly.
The site seems to be like “make a post, get likes and comments and earn big money! . surely, persons like you and me with surely rush to make post that will attract lot of likes so that we can earn big money online.

Earning of post says Earn between N10.80 to N32.40 for every 5 likes your question’s gets”

This will surely make users to continue posting so that they will more. My worry became , are they really earning or making the owner of richer through generated traffic.

Of a truth, when you calculate this money in comparison to the 129,922 members in website, you realize is a damn huge money.

Below is a proof of the amount they pay for likes on post.

Proof of how much pays for likes

Questions you have asked.

First question I asked on

This side in the website will enable to the users of Jobirra to view all questions and likes they have ever asked and gotten on each post they have made since they registered on the platform.
I was really surprised that a site with that kind of users nobody liked or commented on my post.
You can scroll up to view what I am saying in picture.

Provide your bank details

People love to see things like; provide your account number, provide your account details, details of your bank, can you send me your account number, please send me your account details and the rest of it.

This is because we all love to make money. We all want to see money.

So, asking users to provide their bank account details is surely a way to grab their attention to continue staying and working on the website.

Your Earnings

This part will surely display all your earnings. This was has been proof through the image below.

My earning on

I earned N500 for referring a friend on Jobirra money making program because I was so eager to know everything about this father Christmas people.

Members you have referred

Jobirra referral

You can easily see above that the members I referred is shown in the area that says members you have referred.

How to refer friends to Jobirra

This is the most thing that usually baffles me most about this free platforms. You pay nothing and get lot of huge money for free. Are they producing money or they are printing money from somewhere.

Users are to earn N500 each time they refer someone. That’s not all, users are directed on how to earn money very very fast. I believe in this world, nothing goes for free.

Users of Jobirra money making program are advised to copy and send their referral link to friends and acquaintances vial Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, pin interest, nairaland forum, and any possible platform.

This is no doubt a planned strategy to get high traffic from every possible area and then finally dump users because they may not avoid paying N12,000 to over 200 users by 2nd of February, 2020 which is the day of their pay. Can Jobirra pay N2,400,000 to 200 users that.


The last picture shows how Jobirra money making program is persuading and warning it users to start referring people to make money before 3 days. After days of registration, users will no longer be allowed to refer friends.

View the Newest Questions on Jobirra

The newest questions on Jobirra platform will show you all the new posts made by members. People will be fighting to make posts so that they can earn more money for free. Lol

How much traffic Jobirra generates

Now, I took my time to survey this website very well, to know their activities and activeness. I discovered that is actually what is rocking right now. When I first view newest post posted on Jobirra money making program, I waited for a minute before refreshing the same page.

I discovered that over 100 users make post on in less than a minute. Isn’t that a hot magic?

How then shall the members be paid. Will 10 persons be paid and then proof will go round the media that Jobirra money making program is really paying it’s members?

I am not surprised, I have in time past experienced a similar website like Jobirra which website’s include;, dollarmoney.en,,,, just to mention a few.

Is money making program real or scam?

Disregard any feeling that Jobirra money making program may be true. It is not so. is just another scam site created to drive traffic to a blog/website and later would dispose their users. 5reasons it is a scam site (well analysed)

  1. when you register, they don’t care about your information such as sending a confirmation link to your email. Even robots can register on
  2. The website is a new one which was created on 2nd of February, 2020. It is not up to a month and yet has a total number of 129,922 registered users of which I am expecting them to pay 200 users by 2nd of April which is their due day for pay out.
  3. has not paid anybody for their work yet. We have no testimony.
  4. We don’t know who owns the website, where he or they stays, where their office is located and their contact information.
  5. We don’t know the website estimate worth and we don’t know how they are going to pay out estimated N2,400,000 to the 200 people we have predicted to qualify for first payout. Verdict

The website aforementioned is a free website. To get money, one must use money to get money.
Avoid wasting your time and data on their websites. It will fetch you nothing.

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