Giftalworld Registration 2020: Earn Up to #30,000 Weekly

Giftalworld registration is what am going to talk about today, am going to reveal how I earn over #30,000 from giftalword , how I registered to giftalworld and how my friends also make their own money also from the same platform,

Giftalworld registration
Giftalworld registration

My story

It was after my JAMB examination that I discovered that their is different between been broke and been poor my own pass poor,

I have to enter online to search for Any website were I can make money online luckily to me I saw one,

what is the name? Giftalworld

I borrowed money from a friends before I could do the giftalworld registration .

A friends of my immediately request for payout see his alert and testimony below,

Giftalworld earning

My friend’s alert

This alert trigger many of us to register to giftalworld back then, in fact I must confess I paid my Ischool fees with money gotten from giftalworld income program,

Are you also a student? Looking for money to buy JAMB form next year or looking for money to pay your school fee next year search know more,

because giftalworld registration is ongoing now! And am here to tell you how the program works in fact am here to teach you procedures for Giftalworld registration.

What is giftalworld ?

Before I tell you about giftalworld registration I will like to tell you what giftalworld is ,

Giftalworld is an incorporated organization , it is one of the few legitimate earning website from Africa and among most of the reputable and high paying online referral organization worldwide,

It was created by one of the Nigeria Blogger Raji Ibrahim on October 26th, 2018 ,

In fact it pays to your back account daily and you earn daily.

Is giftalworld legit or scam ?

Is giftalworld legit
Giftalworld is legit

Yes, giftalworld is 100% legit, it is a registered e-commerce website with the registration number of (2680874) under the corporate affairs commission (CAC)

those asking me is giftalworld real?

Yes it is real.

Who is qualified to participate

Hey, did you know that giftalworld is open for everybody, Chai! It is an online plateform that is open for every one to join.

Giftalworld Registration process

To register on gitalworld is as simple as ABC it is just like registering new Facebook acount, but only thing is that ,

you will pay one time payment of #1,800 #2,500 that is all.

Screen short of how the giftalworld registration form will be,

giftalworld sign up

After agreeing with the website term then click place order.

But can foreigners join the platform. the same way Africans do?

Yes! With their new partnership with flutterwave foreigners cab pay directly with card online and also they can pay them to their bank account,

with their new online payment gateway the can accept online payment and also payment in the following currencies;

Nigeria naira(NGN), Kenya shilling (KES) , Ghanian see is (GHS), US Dollar (USD) And other currencies too.

you can also pay through PayPal and Bitcoin contact the below marchants ,

  • Mr Isaac (bit coin) +2349053363548
  • Miss Bisola (PayPal) +2348141118659

Note; you will pay one time registration fee of #2,500 .

Register now!

How to earn on giftalworld earnings opportunity

Below are ways through which you earn on giftalworld income program,

  1. Once you register , you receive bonus of #1000
  2. Reading news on their blog you earn #20
  3. Daily login bonus #100
  4. You also earn #100 for sharing their daily sponsored post
  5. You earn #100 for sharing their daily campaign,
  6. Commenting on the blog you earn #20
  7. Sharing latest news on the site you earn #2
  8. You Earn airtime for alert testimony with best caption
  9. You earn #1,500 for referring bonus
  10. You earn #100,000 for being among their lucky Raffle draw winners.

Infact their are numerous ways of earning on giftalworld but the lowest way to earning is sharing news on the blog,


  • Reffering is optional
  • Giftalworld pay every day
  • Registration fee #2,500
  • They pay the highest affiliate commission #1,500 .

What is coupon code and how to use it

Coupon code is a code that worth #2,500 it serves as alternative to direct transfer and card payment to make giftalword registration.

To buy your own coupon code,

Giftalworld official coupon vendors

Do not pay to any one that the name do not appear here,

Ghana coupon vendors

Alex Agyei (+233548735508)

Oloyede Deagnon (+233248488893)

Nigeria coupon vendors

Obasi Banjo Johnson 08166604395

Ajayi Oluwatosin 07031139423

Nwafor Celia 08142941177 .

How to get referrals on giftalworld

Using this method am about to show you now you can earn more than you ever expect after giftalworld registration, below is some one that read one my strategies and see what the young man make within 5days.

  1. Create a whatapp group and name it something like, Giftalworld Income or any other related name that people will see and they will know that this group is about how to earn money.
  2. Join lots of Facebook groups, try to join some make money groups on Facebook do not join group that is not related to make money online because you may go and start spamming the group with your link and the admin will block you, you only join Facebook group to share your WhatsApp group link with detail about the WhatsApp group on to of it before you share it.
  3. Sine some are joining the group through your link will others are dropping their WhatsApp contacts , collect it and add them by your self , Note; make sure you set the WhatsApp group to only admin can edit and post do not allow members to post let them chat u directly , as you explain to the, it might take you a lot of time but later you will noticed that it worth it.
  4. Never be tired of sharing testimonies of people that giftalworld have Favour to them, with alert so it can attract them, by doing all those you will always smile to the bank every day,week and month.


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Top Giftalworld Earners ;

This are the top Earners on Giftalworld

See giftalworld pay out list for today

Below is the payout list for today on giftalworld income program,

Did you have any question , if yes! ask using the comment box below.

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