Secret on How to Pass JAMB 2020 at One Sitting & Score Above 300

How to pass jamb excellently
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I have no power nor am i in the right position to make a choice for you, rather you have the ultimate power to make a good choice for your self, but if you choose pass i will show you working secret on how to pass jamb at one sitting that just leaked, Wait, is their any secret on how to pass jamb at one sitting, that students do not no? Yes! but the JAMB secret just reveal recently , knowing the secret can make you score above 300 without cheating in jamb a man once ask me in 2019 , Usulor please, tell me How to pass jamb without studying I do not wast much of my time I just send the tips to him oh! What do I send Real JAMB Expo after using the expo the young man scored 209 in JAMB , but it is only those that are smart that can make use of JAMB expo, you can check out the expo and read it to the end then come back here and continue reading the great secret on how to pass jamb at once all my tips and secret that I revealed do work for many students, I would have showed you many testimonies but that will be for my next article, now let me tell you what jamb really is before I reveal the secret to pass the JAMB examination.

History of JAMB

JAMB is an acronym for; Joint Admission And Matricultion Board,

It was established in the year 1978 , The examination was paper type before but was later changed to Computer Base Test (CBT) , Their official website is ;

Who introduced this examination? JAMB examination was introduced by Mr. Michael Saidu Angulu (JAMB first Registrar)

Why the introduction? It is for them to be able to create a process where by under graduates that is secondary school graduates aiming to enter into higher institution could be tested properly before offered admission into any higer institution in Nigeria.

The name of the examination that jamb do conduct is call : (UTME)

Materials Needed by Candidates to prepared for JAMB

How to prepare for jamb
Materials needed to pass JAMB
  • JAMB Brochure
  • JAMB syllabus
  • JAMB Recommended Textbooks and Novels
  • JAMB past questions
  • JAMB subject combination

Those materials mentioned above will help you to prepare for JAMB adequately, in fact using those materials will boost your Chance of passing JAMB to 50% , this gave rise to the question how to prepare for jamb,

Let me explain those materials mentioned above one after another to you because I call this Secret on how to pass jamb Step one because it is the first step you need to take for you to pass jamb in one sitting,

  • JAMB Brochure

This is a great tool to use during your preparation for JAMB examination, this is used to help candidates to no the o’level that is (WAEC/NECO) Requirements for the course they need to study in the university.

  • JAMB syllabus

This is another great tool that candidates can use to prepare adequately for their JAMB examination, JAMB syllabus contain all the topics where questions will be collected from in the UTME Examination.

  • JAMB recommended textbooks and Novel

This is another important material that you can also use to pass jamb in one sitting , I call this jamb expo, why because most of the questions that jamb do set do come out mostly from the novel and the recommended textbooks, jamb novel do come out mostly in English language, I advice you to make good use of this tool.

  • JAMB past questions

This material really helped me very well when I was preparing for my Examination in 2018 I collected up to 3 different past questions in each subjects then I go through all of then, practice it, in fact that give me the fact that truly JAMB do repeat questions every year, who have the time to be setting new questions? Make good use of this and come here and give your testimony.

  • JAMB subject combination

JAMB subject combination are the list of subject you will write in JAMB , you will only write four subjects including English , do not make any mistake in choosing wrong subject combination rather try and choose the correct one.

Since you have known how to prepare for JAMB 2020 let now me now dive in by showing you the secret on how to pass jamb at one sitting that after making use of it or following the right procedure in using it your 300 plus in JAMB 2020 is 100% sure, I urge you to calm down and note those secret that am about to reveal now!

Secret on how to pass jamb 2020 in one sitting

Secret on how to pass jamb
Secret on how to pass jamb
  • Be zealous to pass JAMB
  • Burn your night candle in two ends
  • Avoid all distractions
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Study Jamb recommended text books
  • Target a grade you want to score
  • Do computer training
  • Take JAMB mock examination
  • Run away from malpractice
  • Try to understand question before you answer

The above mentioned tips are the secret on how to pass JAMB , that just leaked , I do not try to hide it rather I quickly rush and share it here in Nglearners, but you may not understand those secret that I mentioned, let me try and explain it to you so you can understand it.

Be zealous to pass JAMB

Have the zeal that this year 2020 I must pass JAMB, I will never write JAMB two times once you have those thought, just motivate your self and be very prepared for the examination, in fact I said prepare as if you are going to war , be very strong do not fear remove that fear in you then apply the second secret once you have the zeal to pass jamb at one sitting.

Burn your night candle in two ends

Born your candle In two ends
Student studying

That your candle do not manage it, but make good use of it, use it wisely I said read as if you have your final examination tomorrow morning, not just read I mean study because every students may be reading every day but only few of them actually understand what they read, and those that understood what they read are

Avoid all distractions

Try your best and and avoid all distractions any thing that may be distracting you avoid it, let me tell you a story; in 2018 when I was preparing for my JAMB examination I faced may distraction both from my parents and my friends, all I just do to avoid their distraction is to relocate to another area by moving to were my uncle is leaving where I do not have any friends to disturb me, that is how I conquer, now let move over to one of the most important secret on how to pass jamb at once

Learn from the experience of others

One of the best way to learn is to learn from others, learning from other people that have wrote JAMB be for will be a great idea for you, because they will give you a clue on how the examination do look like , how you will feel about the result and many other motivation speech that you will hear.

Study Jamb recommended text books

This is not the first time that am mentioning this great secret on how to pass JAMB I see it as one of the best material to get you prepared for JAMB examination, as I have mention earlier that most questions do come from JAMB recommended text book, make sure you use correct jamb recommended text books to prepare for jamb.

Target a grade you want to score

How to pass jamb at one sitting
Friends talking about grade to target

Target the grade that you want to score in JAMB in my own case in 2018 I targeted 340 in my JAMB examination but later I scored 270 wow! , did you no how it works? This is how it work if you target 300 and you work hard sure you will score closer to that 300 that you taget a friend of my targeted 200 in jamb last year at the end he score 188 at the end he gained admission.

Do computer training

Jamb secret
Computer training

This is the base of the secret on how to pass jamb that am showing you this great tips have make many people pass and many fail, most people fail jamb just because they are computer illiterate, to challenge that go for computer training and practice it very well , no what mouse is no what keyboard is and many other things and their functions, during our JAMB examination last year a guy score 2 in JAMB haaa! Are you surprise do not I will tell you how it happened,

It is on the examination day they guy no nothing about computer and that is his first day of toughing computer because he came from village where no body no any thing about computer, after this young guy answer the first question answer second the third one he clicked submit, is not his forth because he do not no that the cusor is on submit and he clicked it.

Take JAMB mock examination

When you go to where candidates are registering jamb you will be hearing , I do not want to participate in mock examination, since it is of no use , haaa! This is not neccesary but very important exam which I call exercise that you need to participate this will really give you a clues about how JAMB examination looks like.

Run away from malpractice

In jamb CBT their is nothing like malpractice because if you participate in malpractice you will be in trouble, in the jamb your result may be held and you will never see your result which will make you to rewrite jamb the next year, the only thing that I will recommend for you is to make use of our JAMB expo 2020

Try to understand question before you answer

In jamb CBT their is nothing like I too no, do not feel that you no it all until you understand it, look at any question very well and make it clear to you before be for you choose any answer , because some answers do look similar to each other.


Lastly, am advising you to make good use of those secret that I just revealed above because it will really help you a lot, that is all on the topic secret on how to pass jamb at one sitting and score above 300.

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